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Globe's Unlimited YM Chat

With Globe Telecom's new Unlichat service, you can be connected with your yahoo messenger chatmates 24/7. You can chat through YM using your cellphone while you’re traveling, passing the time, window shopping, anytime, anywhere even without a computer.

UNLICHAT is an application-based instant messenger service that provides Globe subscribers mobile access to Yahoo! Messenger, the most popular instant messaging service in the Philippines.

How do you start using UNLICHAT?

  • Make sure that your phone has the correct GPRS settings before downloading.
  • Start downloading the mobile application for FREE:
  • To download, text CHAT to 2979. You will get an SMS with the link Click on the link or open it from your mobile internet browser (Note: the downloading of application is free of charge.)
  • After download, install the application when prompted.
  • Click on the UNLICHAT icon from the Applications folder to launch it.
  • Enter your Yahoo! ID and password.

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  1. This is, to date, the greatest service globe has to offer to its subscribers.

  2. Check out Uzzap from Smart (send Uzzap to 7272). You can connect to YM as well as MSN plus Chatrooms plus bucket of free SMS plus plus plus the list goes on. UNlichat is a boring Yahoo gateway and nothing else...

  3. is this also applicable if the person you are chatting with is in other country..and he's using ym and im using globe

  4. please support E71 too.... i want this service...i cant download the chat thing/ application

  5. Great but it's not working with samsung mobile phones...

  6. There are lots of apps nowadays that make it easier to stay in touch. I like that quite a few of these, such as Skype and RingCentral, allow you to speak to clients or business customers without spending a lot of money.

  7. Thank you very much for this useful article. I like it. Chat online without registration