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How to Dress up Vista to Exactly Appear as Mac OS X

If you're using Windows XP but with a serious Mac crush, you must have liked FlyakiteOSX to make your desktop appear and work like, a Mac. I installed FlyakiteOSX in our office desktop computer and it really turned windows XP into Mac OS X.

Now, Vista users—even those upgraded to Service Pack 1—have Vista OS X Ver.4 for a similar OS paint job. The installer requires that you disable the User Account Control to properly install the Vista OS X. You'll get screensavers, wallpapers, a "Dock," and more goodies, all accessible from the basic "Themes" menu. Don't worry about not liking it because the theme completely uninstalls itself when you're ready to move back to Windows; I haven't tried it myself, so let me know your experiences in the comments. Vista OS X is a free download for Windows Vista systems only. You can download Vista OS X here or here or here or here.

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  1. i believe that this gives our computers viruses? am i correct? please email at darylwasere@googlemail.com7

    please be honest, i'm unsure of downloading it also i'll be able to get it banned, i'm currently working with a company in IT, therefore i'll download it and if does contain viruses therefore you aren't allowed to permit it!