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Stay 24/7 Online in Friendster, Facebook or YM!

Do you want to be connected 24/7 with friends in Friendster, Yahoo Messenger or Facebook? With globe, this is possible.

With Globe UPD8, stay always connected with your online friends! All you need is a mobile phone and a Friendster or Facebook account and you can upload pictures from your phone straight to your account. No need for a computer! You no longer need to go to internet cafe, because with UPD8, you can take a picture with your phone and upload it to Friendster and Facebook from anywhere at anytime.

You could also receive unlimited updates from your Friendster and Facebook accounts! Do you want to know if you have a new message, comment or invite? With UPD8, alerts from your favorite sites are just a text away! To register and to know more about Globe Friendster UPD8, click here or here for Facebook UPD8.

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  1. will try this tonight. oh but wait, how do i register to the service?