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Reasons Why People Blog

There are helluva lot of reasons why people start blogging. Every blogger has his/her own unique reason.. but to my mind, based on observations, these are the prominent reasons:
  • a.       She recently had a breakup.
  • b.      She is feeling emo.
  • c.       She has travelled a lot of places and she wants to share to others her experience/s
  • d.      She recently succeeded in a battle/ contest/ fight against cancer
  • e.      She has no friends to talk to.
  • f.        She’s a mother (single mom included) who is more often at home or home-based fulltime and has nobody else to talk to except her adorable children
  • g.       She heard she can make lots of money by blogging and getting ads in her blogsite
  • h.      She wants memorable occurrences in her life recorded in a blog playing a daybook role.
  • i.         She has only few friends and wants to make virtual friends who share the same thoughts and ideas
  • j.        She feels she doesn’t exist in this world or the world doesn’t notice her existence haha
  • k.       She thinks that she's a loser in real life
  • l.         She hates the present administration and wants to petition the government thru making commentaries in her blog.
  • m.    She fell off her bed, banged her head against the floor, then realized she wants to have a web blog.
  • n.      She has a unique talent and she wants to tell everybody about it
  • o.      She failed in an important quest in life, learned her lesson and now wants share to us that lesson
  • p.      She recently gave birth to her first baby and she wants to tell the world how her parenthood is progressing.
  • q.      She’s great in cooking in fact she knows a lot of recipes which she wants to share to everybody who also loves cooking.
  • r.        She discovered a cool hobby or finally got herself a hubby and wants everybody to know how proud she is.
  • s.       She has a crush on someone but has no guts to tell the guy so she blogs about her affection then invites their common friends to read the entry purposely to make these common friends tell the guy that she is falling for him.
  • t. she dreamed of becoming a writer but her dad sent her to culinary school hahaha such a loser 
 Okay this list has to end because my favorite tv show (Prison Break) is now about to start. Tooodles 

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