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Jailbreak your iPhone

iPhone/iPod touch only: If you've been waiting to upgrade your iPhone or touch to the recently released iPhone 2.2 software until you could jailbreak the update and run your must-have jailbreak apps (like, I don't know, the one that let's you use your iPhone's internet connection on your laptop), you're in luck: The iPhone Dev team has already released QuickPwn for both Windows and Mac and the PwnageTool for Mac. Not only will jailbreaking your phone with one of these simple-to-use apps add both Cydia and Installer to your home screen, but it'll also give you access to a few other very cool iPhone 2.2-only hacks. They say that when your iphone is jailbroken, the options are almost endless.. but be warned that jailbreaking your iphone will void your warranty. Choice is yours.

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