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Marriage: Not a solution to poverty

A distant relative got married yesterday. She is only eighteen i think. As a backgrounder, the elder sister got married when she was 18 and their eldest joined the matrimony when he was 21.
The wedding was not a result of a well-planned and deliberate intention to enter into a family life. As per my observation, neither was there a reasonable period of courtship. Probably, the untimely wedding was brought about by the unintended pregnancy of the bride which I wish i'm wrong.
The BRIDE: She didn't finish college, unemployed, young, and pretty (of course she is my relative).
The GROOM: He did not attend college. He has no visible and permanent sources of income. He gets financial support from his parents. He is, most of the times jobless and has a history that on the few occasions that he landed on a job, he would not last long because he does not have interest in keeping his job.
As per my relatives' info, the groom is indulged in different vices such as drinking intoxicating liquors and womanizing, to which vices it seems he cannot detach himself anymore. He also adores “adors” such as “emperador”, “matador”, “fundador” his filthy Labrador and bestfriend Salvador haha.
I did not attend the wedding as my schedule did not permit me. But one week prior to the wedding, i was there in the province and i was among those consulted about the reception arrangement. Note that it was then just one week before the wedding. The father of the bride broke the news by announcing that so far, the groom has contributed P15,000 only. And that the groom thinks that it is good enough to cover the wedding expenses. Haha he must have lost his sanity. 15k for the floral arrangement in the church, Gowns, invitations, video coverage, sound system and reception???! When asked, the groom conceitedly answered  “that’s all that i can share”. The mother of the bride sobbed and my dad immediately reprimanded the groom but we all know that doing so is futile.
At the very outset, all of us in the family look upon the idea of their plan of getting married with great disfavour. My cousins displayed animosity to the groom. But the couples insisted until they finally solicited the consent of their respective parents-in-law-to-be.
The parents-in-law are engaged in farming and are yet to harvest the “palay” this coming December. The siblings of the bride have their own family to feed and have their own battle against poverty.
The mother of the bride humbly sought our help. My dad did not manifest support, but he has a gentle heart so i know he will chip in in the end. They asked every competent relative for his willing share.  I had no extra cash in hand to be candid and was not willing to share because i maintain that it’s the groom’s family who should carry the burden but the situation warranted a kind heart and an open wallet haha.
Three days before the wedding, i gave ten grands to the bride and now, i can't go to the grocery store, i can’t go to the mall, i cant buy credits for my phone, i can't sleep haha.
 They managed to celebrate the wedding. what’s next? we will again contribute materials for their conjugal house? May the Force be with them.

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