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Starbucks coffee 2009 planner

The amazing race to starbucks' 2009 planner has begun. Last year, we were required to complete the twenty four stickers in order to get a free planner. This year, starbucks stripped the number of stickers to just sixteen. This is a great news to those coffee lovers out there. Their 2009 planner comes in  three vibrant colours. Aside from the planner, you'll also get an elegant ballpen (not just a pencil) and a sturdy bookmark. See the pictures below and decide whether to get one this year or not. But If you'll ask me, judging from the texture and the material, i'd say that 2007 and 2008 planners are better.

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  1. oo I agree. kaya nga I did not bother going to SB to get the sticker, nag power planner na lang ako hehehe :)

  2. sad for me, I wasn't able to get the planner this year. :(