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What's Inside your IPOD touch?

When i was a kid, i used to rip open our appliances just to know what's inside them. I get tools from the trunk of my dad's car then surreptitiously unscrew my subject appliance and rip its parts apart. I will then try to get acquainted with its internal system, do some fine tunings then test the effects. After this redundant ritual, i return the parts back together and i am always left with extra screws.

More often than not, our home appliances which were victims of my curiosity end up inoperative after a few days. But now information of all sorts are readily available in the in world wide web, i always consult the internet before i pry open my non-functional gadgets. Just remember the axiom, if ain't broke, don't fit it.

This time, let's take a crash course about how to break open your Ipod Touch without damaging its internal parts then see what's inside it. See this link.

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  1. haha i used to do that too when i was a kid, i remember when my game console got crash because a wrong line voltage and it's totally my fault. I tried to open and repaired, but it cause more damage :( there's smoke coming out from there..

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  4. Hi dyanie...bc???

    You take care and happy weekend

  5. Ganyan din ang aking esposo, mahilig mag kalikot ng mga sirang you he sonsult the internet o how to fix thigs...

    Hmmm tago ko muna ipod ko baka pati ito buksan nya hahahha....

    Happy weekend

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