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Globe Super-Unli

Globe has a NEW promo which they call, Globe Tattoo Super-Unli. When a globe user subscribes to this service, he'll enjoy unlimited texting AND calling to Globe/TM for only P150 for 5 days.

Now you're free to connect non-stop with friends, anytime and anyway you want to. To SUBSCRIBE to Super-Unli:

Simply text SUPER150 to 2824, and you'll enjoy unlimited texts to Globe / TM for 5 days. To make unlimited calls, change the 0 to 238 at the start of the Globe / TM number you are calling (eg 2389171234567).

This service is available for Globe Prepaid, Tattoo Prepaid and Postpaid subscriber.
According to Globe, the promo period is from September 19 - November 17, 2009.

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  1. wow. this is their greatest promo so far. better than globe duo. imma try this. :)

  2. ginaya nila ang Smart. pero sa Smart 100 lang for 5days din.

  3. to my opinion, magandang ang service na ito kung adik ka sa calls. pero kung average texter ka lang, mas gusto ko pa ung IMMORTAL text nila.