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How Could I be Computer-less?

How could i be computerless? This is a cute and hilarious music video that i've seen at youtube few days ago. With this clip, i was teasing my brother because he lent his macbook to my sister who flew to Ireland for another echelon of scholastic endeavor. The music video illustrates how the singer's life became extremely miserable being computerless.

Funny thing is, morning of 26 October 2009, i was turning my laptop on to check my emails but it did not. I ticked the power button once again... the lights merely blinked then went off again. Thinking that it was just a RAM problem, I opened the memory modules then replaced them, checked the physique of the harddisk, power supply etc. but to no avail. Being someone educated in computer hardware, i knew right away that the motherboard is the culprit. It figured in a hardware breakdown.

While feeling weakened and depressed, i ransacked my room to find and check the warranty papers provided by HP. To my surprise the warranty has expired just a month ago. I forgot to extend it to three years. Having learned a lesson from this harrowing experience, I advise you guys not to forget getting your toys extended warranty for the obvious reason that hardware failures commence to happen when gadget reaches one year or older.

When my brother arrived home from work, I welcomed him at the door by saying, "now i can join you in singing, how could i be computerless" haha. Motherboard for laptops costs an arm and a leg and it will take a minimum of two weeks to order a replacement from HP Canada where this laptop was originally purchased. Treat your laptop well especially when it is your primary tool of trade.

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  1. Tool of trade ba talaga? Kala ko toy mo lang. Welcome back to the blogging world. I bet pipz have missed your entries.

  2. i searched for the video that you mentioned. it was really funny. LOL

  3. both hehe. di pa tapos itong site kasi lahat ng blog elements ko, nandon sa sirang laptop tsk tsk.. links, cbox, everything. :(

  4. ahaha :p wala lang napadaan lang ako