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Goosefraba.. What does it mean?

It is a soothing sound Eskimo mothers would whisper in order to sooth their young ones.

Have you seen the movie "Anger Management" with Jack Nickelson and Adam Sandler? There's a part there where one in the anger management class speaks the word "goose fra-ba" over and over (kind of like a zen thing) to bring him back down and calm his nerves. Well I've been doing my own version of goose fraba-ing.

So, when things go wrong as they sometimes will, when you're upset, depressed, when you figured in an untimely and unanticipated breakup, or simply feeling fear, anxiety, despair, guilt, apathy, grief, or what many people would describe as typical "sadness" or other negative emotions, try to relax, close your eyes, take a deep deep breath and while you slowly exhale, say "GOOOOOOOOOSE FRABA" Do this at least five times and feel differently.

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