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Excerpt from the Movie: For the first time

Because i am a fan of MTV VJ KC Concepcion, I did not let her very first movie pass without seeing it in the cinema and here are some excerpts from the movie:

People like us have to live by our own rules
But, if you fall in love and let her into your heart,
then you’ll have to live by her rules.
You’ll have to give up control over your life.
Love changes people too much
until there is nothing left of the person you used to be.

what if you don’t like yourself in the first place?
maybe love is good kind of change huh?

what’s not to like?
She will try to change you…
when she should just accept you for who you are.
First it’s the little things….
your peer, your clothes, your friends.
Then she tells you that it’s still not enough.
i tell you, there is no freedom in love.

SETH to PIA: when you love someone,
you don’t belong to yourself anymore.
Love will just tire you down until nothing is left of you.
But that is okay.
That’s okay if the one you love will love you back until the end.
But we do not have assurance, do we?
Even those good men and those who behave well were abandoned.

SETH to PIA: if we became lovers, you will change me
according to your standards. Mr. Perfect..
and im not going to be like that.. because i cannot do it.

PIA to SETH: Were you not the one who reminded me that i am human?
Not perfect. So why will i look for someone perfect?
Who knows i am only looking for Mr. Right.

SETH to PIA: i cannot do that too.

i was so afraid of being miserably so in love with you.
But now,  it’s more painful to be miserably in love without you.
Give me another chance please.
PIA to SETH: You had another chance and you blew it.

SETH to PIA: i am sorry if i have hurt you.
Sorry if you got dragged in my quest for true love.
If i have hurt you, it may have become necessary to make me realize…
that you are the one that i truly love. I love you.

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