Must-Have Windows Apps as of date of Posting

What would you do when your computer considerably slowed down? Windows crashes more often, Computer hangs in between tasks, it freezes when you open multiple applications or simply put, running differently as before. Perhaps you have satiated your harddrive with millions of mp3s haha, helluva lot of videos, not-so-helpful and seldom-used application. For the information of those not so abreast about computers, windows utilizes that extra free space of your harddrive as virtual memory to make your computer machine run faster. The more free space you have, the faster your machine executes programs. So what do you need to do? You may burn the mp3s, videos and other large files in Dvds . Uninstall unneeded applications and redundant programs. After these two steps, defrag your harddrive. Now, defragging your harddrive using the bundled windows software will take half a day to complete, so instead, use the auslogics defrag (google for it) and the defragging will only take less than 20mins depending on your harddrive’s size. When done, run your updated anti-virus, anti-spyware programs.
However, when your pc encounters the blue screen of death, or some other windows errors, you reinstall may reinstall windows but i recommend, clean install of the windows operating system to reset everything in their factory defaults. But first, back up all your important files, bookmarks, saved passwords, message archives, game settings/configuration files. Whenever the my pc is in dire need of harddisk reformatting, these applications are the ones i basically install first. (in alphabetical order except for the first two) Click MORE below for the list. If you have great applications in mind which is absent in the list, scribble it in the comments :D

Microsoft Vista Ultimate
Microsoft Office – select customize and install only the needed software
adobe photoshop or photo elements  - for thorough picture editing
adobe acrobat reader - for reading ebooks and pdf documents
AMP Winoff  -  turns off your pc automatically by assigned schedule
Auslogics – best tune up software for your pc
AVG – for your virus protection
bitcomet – for downloading torrents
Chikka – in case you ran out of phone credits
Divx player and codecs – for playing divx movies
DUmeter – for real-time internet speed monitoring
frostwire – substitute for limewire (lesser spyware)
itunes – for syncing of your ipod/iphone
joystick 2 mouse – to control your mouse pointer with a keypad
k-lite – to enable your windows media player to play any kind of video format
Microsoft encarta dictionary – for quick offline reference
Laptop Alarm – your laptop will sound a very loud alarm when someone moves your mouse, unplug a USB device, unplugs the charger, or closes the lid of your laptop (useful when you’re in coffee shops and public places)
lifeglobe aquarium – true aquarium in your desktop to soothe your tired eyes
Mozilla firefox 3 – for safer and faster browsing
Mozilla thunderbird – best mail third-party client (i can check all my 5 email accounts at a time)
multilingual speaking clock – for time announcement/reminder
muvee reveal – for my video editing
nature illusion studio – for photo visual effects
nero – for burning DVDs
otsAV DJ – Best music player for disk jockeys
picasa – for automated picture uploads
picture collage maker – the name speaks for itself
pidgin – chat client- great substitute for gtalk, msn, ym
rainlendar – floating calendar for reminders, appointments
rocketdock – to unclutter your desktop icons in a mac-like dock
safari – in case firefox lags
skype – recommended video chat in case ym sucks
spybot – second level anti-virus software, in case AVG doesn’t clean everything
super antispyware – third level anti-virus
wall master – to make your desktop change wallpaper at random
winamp – for quick mp3 playing
winrar – to uncompress zipped files
yahoo messenger – chat client

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