Charity Begins at Home


a friend who was a victim of ondoy related an insight which she learned: all the material things that you deemed you needed and worked your butt off to acquire can be taken away in an instant. she reflectively asked,'why indeed do we need to buy pairs and pairs of footwear just to match with the clothes cramped up in our closets?and we thought we needed bags and accessories too to complete the look.
in that very moment, i realized i was guilty to some degree. and i thought a change in priorities, in the perception of what are actually needed, a little refinement of attitude should be in order.
for awhile i stuck to my resolution until 'old habits' slowly crept in, rushing to mall wide sales to get things at a bargain,ending up buying things i don't direly need; why did i have to buy a clothes steamer when an iron would have been sufficient? why did i have to get a juicer when my hands can very well express the juices? why did i have to buy another set of pots and pans when i haven't even got to use the ones in my kitchen cabinet?
sometimes we buy things not because we are wanting. sometimes we view it as an upgrade, not necessarily in status, but on convenience. why did i have to set up the ironing board and press the iron repeatedly on my clothes when i could just hang it and a swift swish of hot steam would straighten out the crease? why would i flex my muscles to express the juice out from fruits when i could just pop them into the juicer and get to savor the juice in no time?and as for the pots and pans,funny but i was thinking of passing them off to my kids when they get their own abodes.
it is quite hard to break this nasty 'habit'. but i am willing to always try to keep my focus. it's a long process but the long journey starts w/ a step.
as for the other things that only end up as clutter i am packing them up and give them to the typhoon victims who may need it more than i do.
two of the beneficiaries are not actually typhoon victims but have gone ahead rummaging picked the clothes steamer still unopened in its original box,while the other chose the juicer sitting on my kitchen counter,unwrapped but has never been used...
oh well, indeed,charity begins at home?

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