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Barangay Elections 2013

Congratulations to the newly proclaimed Datu/ Kapitan/ tiniente del barrio/ cabeza de barangay/ chairman and Council of Elders/ Councilors/ Kagawads in every Barangay in the country. Although you are perceived to be the lowest ranking government officials, the trinity of governmental powers is vested in you esp you Barangay Chairman. you are the Chief Executive of the barangay; you are the Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Barangay; and you are the Chief Magistrate of the Lupong Tagapamayapa. Further, you also have the power to levy taxes, fees & shit charges.. Vast powers...that come with equally enormous responsibilities. As guidance, take this tip from Lagman-
As public servants, you should always ensure that your personal interest and that of your family and associates do not conflict with or erode your loyalty to the very people who have installed you to your position.
Chairman remember this.. public service is not something one does in one’s spare time. It is not a hobby that you take up during weekends. It's a commitment with great responsibilities that require your full attention. Make sure that the public's money or the IRA is spent as efficiently as possible. bear in mind that in the past, we have impeached a president & a chief justice. should we find you incompetent, vox populi can also remove you and your pulis oysters from office.

...and to those who lost in the election, it doesn't take one to be a barangay official to be a philanthropist. let us help each other especially during calamities or when shit happens to your barangay or locality. and to us, constituents, private citizens and netizens, instead of hating each, or being hostile to, others, let's give our just share to make our barangay a better place. yes, we enjoy freedom of speech and of expression BUT note that the exercise of one's right ends when the right of others begin. Lastly, don't ask what your community can do for you.. but ask what you can do for the community that you belong to. I fervently hope that none of the likes of Napoles and her cohorts were elected & proclaimed yesterday. May the Force be with us all.

 PS: winners and losers alike... pakitanggal na mga tarps and selfie shots niyo sa mga bakuran namin.. with your posters everywhere, our block is becoming an eyesore

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  1. "public service is not something one does in one’s spare time" i completely aggree with you on this sir.

  2. i despise the barangay officials in tacloban who keep the relief goods for their own benefit including those who discriminately give the relief goods only to persons who voted for them in the last election.