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Tool of Trade - Macbook Air or Sony Vaio

It was told in the Harry Potter movie that every wizard is destined to a specific type of wand and if found, great things can be expected from the partnership. Analogously, each one of us is a wizard and our laptop is our wand with which we create our own worlds, our own magic and hence, it is important that we choose the perfect machine tailored for our needs.

Most of us, regardless of profession, computer is our main tool of trade. I have tried a number of laptops but my macbook was the most efficient. It does not do extra fancy stuff but it just works. Of course i cannot just turn my back on my desktop as it performs my other computing activities like downloading gigabytes of files overnight, playing games (apple has just a handful of premium games), and for typing pages of document as we obviously type much faster when using a full-size keyboard.. Just a few days ago, my 6-year-old macbook failed to switch on. I ripped it apart to check its internal organs only to find out that the logic board is dying. Instead of bringing it back to life, i decided to lay it to rest for good.

A computer-less computer engineer - that's what i am now.. but not for long i hope. I am torn between getting a sony vaio or an apple macbook air. If we are in the same situation or just wanting to buy a new laptop but can't decide which to get, visit the reviews. Check the features if it is capable of delivering what you expect of a laptop. If you're a gamer or a graphics/video editor, and you require speed and power, get a monster laptop but expect to shell out some extra moolah. 

If you want it sleek, sexy and portable machine that just amazingly works, get a macbook air but you have to compromise on a few extra features. The choice is yours. Pick your perfect tool of trade, you magic wand.

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  1. I would love the macbook air over sony vaio.. I'm an Apple fan since the birth macbooks. Windows machines are vulnerable to viruses and shit.

  2. yerrright.. before i buy any gadget, aside from my friends' recommendations, i always consult the forum and the reviews first. it has helped my decide which among my shortlist to buy.

  3. nakakatuwang maipaghambing mo pa yong magic wand ni harry potter sa laptop hehe. ayos.

  4. apple ako for life

  5. Liberate your machine from viruses. Get a macbook

  6. I like that analogy. I used a Vaio for a while some time back and I found it cumbersome- in terms of the layout of the keys- to type with, add pictures with, etc. I never thought I would- so it's hard to predict how a device will fit into your lifestyle. Try them both for a few days and see.