In Bus Commuter Hold up Robbery Taxi

What to do when there is Robbery / Hold up inside your Bus / Taxi?

Today I will share to you new things that i have learned during our PAGBA seminar in Bacolod City earlier this month. Credits go to our guest speaker Dr. Ted Esguerra. No one is safe anymore. Robbery / hold up happens almost everywhere. Armed robbers are no longer respecters of time and place. It might happen to you, your sister, brother, friend, classmate,  or neighbor, so i believe this is worthy of sharing. 

If you are riding a bus, jeepney, an FX taxi and there is 
robbery / hold up inside and underway, what do you do? 

Remember the “R” when you plan to commute: 

1. REDESIGN YOURSELF – don’t appear ‘rich.’  Avoid being a 

2. RECONFIGURE SET-UP  –  bring things which are not 
fanciful.  Backpack is better than branded hand bags 
because your arms can freely move. 

3. RE-DEFINE SITUATIONS  –  always note that the criminals 
are better than  you    in speed, street smart skills,  tactics, 

4. RECONSTRUCT YOUR TRAVEL LINE  – Be familiar of your 
usual route as to presence of police stations, tanod outposts, church sites, crowded areas, etc.  Get acquainted with your travel lane.  Accidents and incidents happen in familiar 

Most robberies are considered "strong-arm" robberies and 
happen out on the street  -- meaning places like a sidewalk, 
alley way,  FX Taxi,  or in a parking lot. A mugging and a 
purse-snatching are essentially the same  thing as a strong-
arm robbery. 

KNIVES  – As per US statistics. Know how not to fight but 
know how to negotiate. 

7. REVIEW THE ‘SIGNS OF TIMES’  –  Robberies happen 
during Christmas seasons, salary dates, enrolment dates,  

8. RAT ENVIRONMENT – Robberies happen in dark places, at 
night, and in depressed areas where Police presence may 
not be common.  If your PUV passes in these areas, be 
really careful of being in the ‘ambushcade’. 

9. REAR-END, DOOR-END – Better to be seated on the rear-
end  and  near  the  doors.    If  possible,  don’t  surrender  your 
seat by sliding towards the middle. 

10.  RETRACT AND RELAX –If in a hold up situation, don’t 
be aggressive.  Don’t look at the eyes of the criminal as he 
might perceive it wrongly.  Remember, the criminals might 
be under the influence of drugs.  Relax as you negotiate that 
you must not be harmed.  When you hand your wallet or 
phone, tell the robber that you are getting your wallet.  He 
might perceive it as drawing a gun or any weapon.  

  11.  REFINE  –  Cooperate with the crooks so as to avoid 

12.  REINFORCE –  If you have a bag, place it in between 
you and the robber as a form of a shield.  He might 
anxiously or in a clumsy manner stab you or shoot you 
accidentally.  At least, the barriers might help impede a 
devastating injury. 

CAN – Do it secretly when you profile the criminals. 

14.  REPORT – Report crimes appropriately so as to create 
a highway of proof as it might be perpetrated by a syndicate 
or the same criminal group 

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In Holy Week Motorists NLEX TPLEX

TPLEX Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan Exit is now Open

Good news fellow motorists! Another section of the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway otherwise known as TPLEx was opened earlier today (April 16, 2014) just in time for the Lenten Season. The new section is 26 kilometers long and stretches from Paniqui, Tarlac all the way to Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan. 

This Carmen Exit is rightfully situated as it connects back to Mac Arthur Highway about a hundred meters past SM Rosales which is the major cause of heavy traffic in the area. It means that you'll never get to encounter the heavy traffic congestion leading to SM.

The newly opened TPLEx section is expected to cut travel time for those going to Pangasinan by around an hour and a half. Toll fee from Tarlac City to Carmen Exit is said to P170.00. Quite expensive compared to SCTEx and NLEX fees but worth it.

Meanwhile, Section 2 of the toll road stretching another 13.72 km from Carmen, Rosales to Urdaneta in Pangasinan is expected to be opened this December.
....and the last section stretching 25.83 km from Urdaneta in Pangasinan to Rosario in La Union is reported to be completed next year. 

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In Lifehack Motivational

A Positive Attitude


We should try to do these things better: 

1.  Encourage others to talk about themselves. 
2.  Talk in the interest ranges of the things that people treasure most when talking to them. 
3.  Talk to people about themselves and recognize their importance. 
4.  Respect other peopleʼs good judgment and avoid arguments. 
5.  Never tell anyone they are wrong, we all will rationalize to the point of thinking we are 
unequivocally right. 
6.  We should criticize ourselves before other people have a chance to; if you are wrong, 
admit it! 
7.  Tread softly, you will go farther. 
8.  We should try to let our friends feel as though they have excelled us at some time or 
9.  Let others do a great deal more of the talking. 
10. Figure out why others think as they do; look at it from their viewpoint. 
11. Show compassion toward others (this is yearned for). 
12. Treat people with respect, dignity, honesty, truthfulness and willingness; they will generally emulate those feelings
13. Challenge others to do something better, never force them. 
14.Call attention to mistakes indirectly (donʼt broadcast). 
15. Make difficulties seem easy to conquer. 
16. Praise minutest improvements and inspire hidden treasures in others. 
17. Be friendly. 
18.Force yourself to smile! (You will.) 
19. Consider othersʼ good points. 
20.Make others want to follow your suggestions. 
21. Always appreciate peopleʼs time. 
22.Be interested in everyone you meet. 
23.Always remember: good manners are made up of petty sacrifices. 
24.Remember names; a personʼs name is truly the most treasured phrase to that personʼs 
ears. Use the I.R.A principles to help remember names. 
25.Try saying this three (3) times: “Act enthusiastically and youʼll be enthusiastic.” It works. 
26.Perfect yourself first, then worry about everyone else. 
27.Try to exercise a little sympathy, tolerance and kindness — it goes a lot further than a 
short fuse. 
28.Learn the difference between appreciation and flattery — one is from the heart, the other 
is from the teeth. 
29.Accept the fact that everyone is superior to you in one way or another, and learn from 
that trait. 
30.When not engaged in some definite problem-solving, most people think of themselves 
95% of the time. If we could cut it to 50%, the results would be dramatic. 
31. Why should people be interested in you and me, unless we are first interested in them? 
32.We are all interested in what we want. Be a little different: Be interested in what the other 
person wants and needs. (Get the other personʼs point of view and see things from his 
angle as well as your own. Be interested in helping others, not only yourself.)
33.Try to do things without ulterior motives. 
34.If we do things that require time, energy, unselfishness and thoughtfulness, we will make 
many friends. 
35.The ability to listen is rarer than almost any other trait. (Listen and learn.) 
36.This is an old one: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We all know 
who wrote that one. 
37.Do unto others as they would have you do unto them. 
38.When dealing with people, use little phrases like, “Iʼm sorry to trouble you…,” “Would you 
be so kind as to…,” “Wonʼt you please…,” “Would you mind…,” “Thank you.” They are the 
hallmark of good breeding. 
39.Be wiser than other people if you can, but do not tell them so. 

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